Advanced Training


AAMSE Advanced Training Information

Criteria for participation in the Advanced Training leading to certification as an MSE Practitioner are:

Candidate must be a current AAMSE member  who adheres to the AAMSE Code of Ethics, AND

Candidate must have successfully completed the Basic Training of 2 full days, AND

Candidate must have accumulated a minimum of 6 months of experience actively working with individuals in an MSE room after attending 1 Basic Training, and before attending the Advanced Training, AND

Candidate must submit a written case study for review by the AAMSE Training Committee at least three (3) weeks prior to attendance at the Advanced Training, AND

Candidate will provide digital pictures of their MSE room to be utilized by AAMSE. If signed releases are available, pictures with clients are preferred.

Certification as an MSE Practitioner must be renewed every three years. See renewal process below.

Case Study Process:

Candidate will complete one written case study at least three (3) weeks prior to attendance at the advanced training workshop. Each case study and supporting materials will be reviewed by the training committee for approval.

If a candidate's materials and case study are not approved by the training committee, the candidate will be sent notification with explanation and given an opportunity to submit a new case study and materials. The candidate may submit a revised case study or another case study within 6 months from the date of their initial submission before a Candidate is considered not qualified for certification.

The candidate may take the Basic and Advanced Courses again to reapply for certification.

Case Study should include the following elements:

Detailed description of MSE equipment used during a session,

The Protocol used to conduct MSE sessions,

Specific Client information including reason for referral for MSE services, diagnosis, age, sensory diet, medications, evaluation results and pertinent background information, respecting HIPAA regulations.

Initial outcomes/goals,

Data or documentation of how progress towards goal/s was measured,

Summary of general observations, evaluations utilized, changes noted or observed in natural settings, what if anything you would do differently with this client in the MSE and the rationale.