Certification Process & Requirements


MSE Practitioner Certification Renewal Process and Requirements:

Certification as an MSE Practitioner must be renewed every three years. In order to apply for re-certification, the following criteria must be met:

Practitioner will submit certificates of attendance at a minimum of 16 contact hours during the 3 year period at courses, workshops, or lectures directly related to Sensory Systems, MultiSensory Integration, Sensory Processing, Neuroscience, Therapeutic Use of Self, Multi Sensory Treatment or related topics which further enhance the knowledge of the practitioner.

Practitioner will submit two articles, or links to research from publications, journals etc. to be considered for distribution as InfoBlasts to AAMSE members.

Practitioner must attend AAMSE sponsored MSE Advanced Training or AAMSE sponsored event at least once during the 3 year certification period in order to maintain current knowledge and update skills. This would count toward the minimum of 16 contact hours required.

Practitioner must maintain active membership in AAMSE each year.

Certification renewal fee will be $150.00 every 3 years.

AAMSE maintains the right to ask for documentation/proof of attendance at trainings at any time. If a practitioner has falsely represented their attendance at trainings, their Certification may be revoked.