Partnering with AAMSE and the Mutual Benefits


AAMSE Requirements and Responsibilities:

AAMSE must have a minimum of 15 registrations at full tuition of $395.00 per participant to cover costs.

AAMSE will extend 3 registrations free to the Host facility for these initial 15 registrants. For each additional 3 registrations the Host facility receives another one registration free up to the maximum workshop quota. Maximum quota will be set based, on the accommodations such as space, seating and comfortable learning environment for the audience.

AAMSE will provide training materials for the workshop. Host facility and AAMSE will determine how this is best accomplished and cost involved and share expenses if any.

AAMSE will provide funding for snack and/or lunch if paid registration targets are met, subject to advanced notice.

AAMSE will provide written marketing materials by electronic means to the Host Facility. Workshops will also be advertised on the AAMSE web site and links available to AAMSE.

AAMSE will provide course attendance certificates and evaluation forms.


Host Facility Responsibilities:

The Host facility will help advertise the Workshop through their public relations department or any means available to them.

The Host facility will provide adequate space and set-up for the workshop.

The Host facility will assist in the morning attendance and registration process by providing sign-in tables and staff.