Resource Links

These resources are intended to provide access to publicly available information on issues related to MSE topics. AAMS does not endorse or assume any liability or responsibility for the information or recommendations contained or presented in the following information websites or links.
www.ablelink.org - a free internet community were kids with disabilities or illness can meet role models, mentors and friends
www.autisminspiration.com - Features new articles surveys and training and fact sheets relating to autism spectrum disorders
www.cdhaf.org - A non-profit organizatations whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with cognitive, physical and emotional impairments through MSE
www.eparent.com - Exceptional Parent Magazine
www.isna.de - International Snoezelen® Association
www.jkp.com - An independent publisher of accessible, professional and academic books in the social and behavioral sciences
www.kidfoundation.org - focuses on research, education and advocacy related to Sensory Processing Disorders.

www.lmessbauer.com - MSE Training

www.researchautism.net - Research Autism is a UK charity dedicated to research into interventions in autism
www.SPDnetwork.org - Information on SPD, conferences, workshops, scientific research and parent connections
www.worldwidesnoezelen.com - Worldwide Snozelen Association
www.wrongplanet.net - An online resource and community for those with Asperser's Syndrome. The site features forums, chat rooms, blogs and photo gallery.