AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner Training

AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner Training

AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner Training 


provides a foundational understanding of MSE's and the therapeutic potentials of applications that support new learning.


A two-day introductory course is designed to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, and practitioners with a basic understanding of the power of MSEs for relaxing people who have anxiety and energizing people who are depressed secondary to a variety of diagnoses. 

These diagnoses include: autism spectrum and attention deficit disorders, learning and sensory processing challenges, intellectual and developmental disabilities, post-traumatic stress, anxiety-and depression-based mental health conditions, and dementia. 

Learners will gain an understanding of how personally preferred physical and social environments provide emotionally self-regulating influences that can be used in treatment to support new learning throughout the lifespan.


The AAMSE-Certified Practitioner Approach history and focus will be introduced and directed toward learner needs.

 The neuroscientific reason will be covered that Gentle Teaching and Compassion-Focused Therapy are essential aspects of the Mindful Treatment Approach in an MSE.

 Equipment and room design considerations will be addressed.


Experience with using multi-sensory environment equipment will be provided and, ways to generalize all new learning to natural environments will be discussed.

 Assessments, sensory profiles, and sensory diets will be explored for treatment planning. 

Applications will specifically focus on common treatment populations.

Online Examination

This examination will ask questions from the AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner Training and must be submitted with a passing grade within three (3) months of having completed your session to become an AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner.