AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner Training

AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner Training

AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner Training

The Mindful Treatment Approach

is learned in this training and certification as an expert practitioner.  This training is open to practitioners who have been certified for at least three months in the Introductory course. 


Dr. Janice Ryan has published quantitative research evidence that treatment in a multi-sensory environment using the Mindful Treatment Approach was useful to promote mindfulness, emotional self-regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, procedural memory, and new learning in a client with advanced dementia. 

She has been published three times during the last year in Exceptional Parent Magazine to advance understanding of how interventions such as the Mindful Treatment Approach in an MSE can be applied to a wide variety of diagnoses to promote emotional self-regulation for new learning.

This training is designed to build upon the AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner Training and will support learners motivated to reach the expert level.


The AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner Training is open to practitioners who have been an AAMSE-Certified Introductory Practitioner for at least three months. 

The training begins with a two-day class introduction to a three-month mentorship. By the end of this mentorship, learners who have become AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioners will be considered for an AAMSE trainer position. 

AAMSE Trainers must demonstrate competence in applying the Mindful Treatment Approach in an MSE with a variety of diagnoses, including: autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning and sensory processing challenges, intellectual and developmental disabilities, post-traumatic stress, anxiety-and depression-based mental health conditions, and dementia.

Day 1

Guided experiences and instruction will be provided for using an MSE in treatment to enhance working memory, sensory processing, emotional self-regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness for new skill development. 

Be exposed to the power of Human Systems Dynamics Models for learning the latest in trauma-informed care and treatment called the Mindful Treatment Approach in an MSE. 

Learn which pieces of sensory equipment, which evaluations, and which treatment protocols Dr. Ryan has come to rely on. Shape your practice to apply the latest complexity science principles to support your ability to analyze client behavior for optimal treatment planning and goal attainment. 

Day 2

Learning continues as complexity science principles from Day 1 are built upon to achieve even greater assessment and treatment approach complexity. 

Achieving treatment goals using sensory equipment has never felt so easy. Learn from Dr. Ryan’s successful case studies as you develop ways to apply established protocols to planning and carrying out treatment in your organization.

Online Examination

This examination will ask questions from the AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner class and must be submitted for your continued growth and development by the time you complete your mentorship with Dr. Ryan. This examination can be submitted up to 3 times to become an AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner. .

Recorded Video Submission

This aspect of becoming an AAMSE-Certified Expert Practitioner is an important one. The art, science, and practice of treating clients using the Mindful Treatment Approach in an MSE, can only be experienced and validated through observable treatment skills and client outcomes. Sensory diets, evaluations, treatment planning strategies, in-house equipment protocols, goal attainments using sensory equipment, and treatment outcomes will be submitted as the capstone of your training mentorship..