AAMSE Membership

MEMBERSHIP Benefits and Annual Renewal 

Membership is offered to certified professionals, and maintained through participation and annual renewal.  AAMSE Membership connects you with a professional network of knowledge, experience, and leading edge development in America of a practice approach that is respected throughout the world.  

As a national organization, AAMSE takes pride in being associated with the International Snoezelen Association of Multi Sensory Environments (ISNA-MSE)  and in having some of our AAMSE members also serving as active board members of this international organization, working with diverse cultures worldwide, implementing ideas and mentoring professional groups and organizations.

As of 2018, ISNA-MSE has research contacts with 22 universities worldwide, and has members in 45 countries who are participating in the international collaboration for shared experiential knowledge, collectively contributing to mse education and to the advancement of scientific research in the therapeutic and social health and wellness benefits of multi-sensory environments.